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A solid and powerful ATM network can be key to attracting and retaining members for a credit union, but the costs of managing and operating a network can be astronomical. In fact, research shows on average, an ATM costs a financial institution $2200 per ATM per month to operate. In addition, each ATM requires 300+ hours per year in machine management and compliance. That’s a great deal of time and money that you could be spending on other initiatives!

So why not simplify? By outsourcing your ATM processing to Members ATM Alliance (MAA), we can relieve you of this costly burden with our full suite of ATM management services.


Our Services

ATM Terminal Driving

We provide comprehensive technical support and assistance for a variety of processing platforms, helping you to reduce expenses and increase the return of your ATM investment. We support multiple ATM driving device types and a variety of cash and non-cash transactions.

Transaction Switching

With MAA, you’ll receive a scalable, reliable and flexible system for ATM transaction switching and authorizations for large volumes of transactions across multiple channels.


MAA provides the communication infrastructure and reporting for your ATM fleet including ATM availability reports, transaction reports, follow up reports, system availability reports and more.

ATM Monitoring & Dispatching

We offer 24/7/365 superior ATM monitoring service to ensure your ATM program consistently operates at peak performance. We can quickly and accurately identify and report any feedback on ATM faults so you can provide uninterrupted ATM service to your members.

Cash Management & Balancing

Low cash levels or outages can cause ATM downtime and member frustration. To avoid this, we provide real time monitoring of your ATM cash status and maintain the appropriate cash levels for your machines and maintain your uptime for your members.

Deposit Processing

Members ATM Alliance provides support for full functioning depository ATMs, helping you to reduce costs and eliminate back office processing expenses.

Reg E Claims

We provide assistance and support in Reg E Claims as part of our dispute processing solution. We ensure all claims are handled within the appropriate time frames, helping to alleviate member frustration.

First Line Maintenance

With MAA, you’ll receive unlimited proactive and preventative first line maintenance and problem resolution for your ATM operation to decrease the chance of service interruption to your members and keep your fleet operating at maximum performance.

Software Maintenance

We are committed to keeping your ATM network running as smoothly as possible with the latest software and support services. We offer technical support, updates, maintenance, patch releases and more to both prevent issues as well as get your operation back online fast if issues do arise.

Hardware Maintenance

MAA provides you with the latest ATM technology. With our state of the art hardware and intelligent infrastructure support services, you can provide your members with new personal banking conveniences.

Marketing/Screen Management

MAA has the marketing support you need to help step up communication with your members and take your ATM program to the next level.

Regulatory Compliance

MAA maintains complete compliance with all regulations involved in ATM management. The ATMs in the Alliance are 100% PCI compliant, EMV compliant and ADA complaint. Plus, through our partnership with Elan Financial Services, MAA remains up to date on all current mandates and ready for any future mandates.



The benefits extend beyond the substantial time and monetary savings. By partnering with MAA, you'll also:

  • Gain an increased ATM geographic footprint without risk and cost
  • Provide your members with access to 23,000 ATMs in the alliance surcharge-free network
  • Eliminate your credit union’s risk
  • Always provide your members with the most updated technology at no additional charge
  • Eliminate staff hours spent operating or maintaining your ATMs
  • Erase need for capital outlay to add a machine
  • Maintain your credit union’s branding on ATMs, alongside the MAA logo

The choice is simple. Contact us today to learn how we can simplify your ATM management operation!


Frequently Asked Questions

What is Members ATM Alliance?
Members ATM Alliance is a Credit Union Service Organization (CUSO) created by Cooperative Services, Inc. (CSI) to assist credit unions in ATM management. We are owned collectively by the credit unions within the Alliance and we operate in partnership with Elan Financial Services.

If credit unions join the CUSO, what types of ATM technology can members expect?
The ATMs in the Alliance are 100% PCI compliant, EMV compliant, ADA compliant and operate on Windows.  The machines can be standard cash dispensers, or full function depository ATMs, but we do not allow envelope depository machines.

Do the machines within the Alliance use the credit union’s branding?
Yes, ATMs are cobranded with the credit union’s logo and the Members ATM Alliance logo.

Can credit unions outsource the management of some of the ATMs in a fleet, but not all?
Yes, a credit union can choose which ATMs within their fleet they want to outsource if they do not want to outsource the entire fleet.

Does Members ATM Alliance purchase existing credit union ATMs for the network?

We do have asset transfer options available for utilizing a credit union’s existing ATMs, but it is not a requirement to be part of the Alliance.

What kind of security and fraud prevention measures does Members ATM Alliance offer?
The ATMs in the Alliance are all 100% PCI compliant, and will receive regular updates to remain compliant.  The Alliance uses additional security applications to lock the ATM down preventing any sort of intrusion attempts.  The CUSO also has software applications that help catch attempted fraud on deposits.  On the physical side, we utilize industry standard KABA MAS locks to prevent loss and the cash acceptor on the ATMs prevents 99.99% of fraudulent cash deposits from occurring.

How much staff time will be needed on our part if we join?

Once a credit union joins the Alliance, the time needed to devote to ATM management becomes very minimal as daily balancing and settlement will go away.

How does Members ATM Alliance intend to keep the ATM technology throughout the network up to date?
Through a partnership with Elan Financial Services, we will always remain up to date on all current mandates, and stay prepared for future mandates as well.  The Alliance also has a partnership with NCR to ensure the technology and transaction options available at the ATM remain current.

On average, how much money can outsourcing ATM management really save a credit union?
On average, credit unions can realize savings of 30% - 70% or more vs. their current ATM operating costs by outsourcing their ATM management to Members ATM Alliance.



Janet W. Davis
President/CEO, Kinetic Credit Union

"Members ATM Alliance has been an excellent strategic partner for Kinetic CU. The transition of our ATM management to MAA has allowed us to deploy an enhanced, turnkey ATM solution while relieving our staff of many ATM maintenance hours. This means more convenience and personalized service for our members which is a win in my book."
Sherry Saxon
President/CEO, Augusta Metro Federal Credit Union

"The Members ATM Alliance has proved to be a huge benefit to Augusta Metro FCU. We have replaced 5 ATMs and received a great deal of operational relief from not having to manage these machines ourselves. All machines are EMV compliant and have deposit taking capabilities, so we're thrilled to be able to offer new services to our members."


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Members ATM Alliance is a Credit Union Service Organization (CUSO) created by Cooperative Services, Inc. (CSI) to assist credit unions in ATM management. We are owned collectively by the credit unions within the Alliance and we operate in partnership with Elan Financial Services.

The choice is simple. Contact Members ATM Alliance today to learn how we can simplify your ATM management operation!

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